Optics11 Life获500万欧元融资

近期,光学生命科学仪器公司荷兰Optics 11 Life宣布从获得500万欧元的投资,这笔资金将支持新产品的推出,该产品应用于高通量筛选体外模型和生物材料的大规模实验。 Forward.ONE合伙人Robin van Boxsel表示:“我们坚信创新赋能技术的力量能够重塑市场,创造新的机会和领域。Optics 11 Life展示了拥有正确领域专业知识的正确团


Optics11 is proud to release a new generation of extremely sensitive nanoindentation probes. If you are interested in measuring the elasticity of single cells or extremely soft hydrogels, with values down to 10 Pa, these probes will prove essential. The new probes are manufactured with MEMS technol


Four new publications featuring the Piuma Nanoindenter have been published, follow each link below to find the article. S.V. Beekmans, D. Iannuzzi (2016), Characterizing tissue stiffness at the tip of a rigid needle using an opto-mechanical force sensor Biomed Microdevices S.B. Sprangers (2014),

用户故事: 极软水凝胶的测试

The Piuma Nanoindenter finds applications in a wide variety of disciplines in research and R&D. In the field of chemistry, the group of Prof. Itamar Willner from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel works on a very special research topic: tuneable DNA-based hydrogels. The group started work


Watch the Piuma Nanoindenter perform indentation of a hydrogel microstructure (PNIPAAm hydrogel micropillars) and a silicone (PDMS) film in the video below: To learn more about the indentation of hydrogel microstructures, we invite you to take a look at the application note we have recently publi