Four new publications featuring the Piuma Nanoindenter have been published, follow each link below to find the article.

S.V. Beekmans, D. Iannuzzi (2016), Characterizing tissue stiffness at the tip of a rigid needle using an opto-mechanical force sensor Biomed Microdevices
S.B. Sprangers (2014), The origin of lamellar structure in cortical bone, Chalmers University of Technology, Master's Thesis
M. Vashaghian, A.M. Ruiz-Zapata, M.H. Kerkhof, B. Zandieh-Doulabi, A. Werner, J.P. Roovers, T.H. Smit (2016), Toward a new generation of pelvic floor implants with electrospun nanofibrous matrices: A feasibility study, Neurourology and Urodynamics
F. Swieringa, C.C. Baaten, R. Verdoold, T.G. Mastenbroek, N. Rijnveld, K.O. van der Laan, E.J. Breel, P.W. Collins, M.D. Lancé, Y.M. Henskens, J.M. Cosemans, J.W. Heemskerk, P.E. van der Meijden (2016), Platelet Control of Fibrin Distribution and Microelasticity in Thrombus Formation under flow, Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol.